Once upon a time... You know how it all starts. Life is a party and we live it that way. But then little things sneak up on us. Family, jobs, life in general and the stress starts. We can't quite eat the way we did and we don't eat the way we should so all the sudden we look in the mirror and our shiny fairytale is becoming a little tarnished. It starts with just a few pounds over the holidays and continues to accumulate as life gets crazy. How do we get our happily ever after back?? By DREAMING A THINNER DREAM!! You can have it all. We are so excited finally have the clinic open. We have so many ways to help get that body back that you wanted. If it's a full scale war that you are wanting to wage-we got it. If it's just toning up after a baby-we can do that too. We are so excited to help you all transform into your own fairytale dreams! The best part is-it's affordable!!! We can live happily thinner after!

If you would like to get started right away or just want more information, we have got you covered. Call and we can take care of you! Hope to hear from you soon!!

Thursday, January 27, 2011

The pharmacy and nurse practitioner are raising prices AGAIN!!!  I guess our prices are going to have to raise.  Unfortunately I cannot keep them the same any longer.  Prices will remain the same until Feb.1st, 2011.  They will raise at that time.  We have managed to keep the prices the same for one year while everyone else was raising them.  They will only be raising enough to cover all the basics so that our goals are still intact.
     *Affordable for everyone and...
     *Support through the entire program.
These 2 goals are still our main focus.  Call to get in before Feb. 1st to take advantage of our program before the price increase.

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