Once upon a time... You know how it all starts. Life is a party and we live it that way. But then little things sneak up on us. Family, jobs, life in general and the stress starts. We can't quite eat the way we did and we don't eat the way we should so all the sudden we look in the mirror and our shiny fairytale is becoming a little tarnished. It starts with just a few pounds over the holidays and continues to accumulate as life gets crazy. How do we get our happily ever after back?? By DREAMING A THINNER DREAM!! You can have it all. We are so excited finally have the clinic open. We have so many ways to help get that body back that you wanted. If it's a full scale war that you are wanting to wage-we got it. If it's just toning up after a baby-we can do that too. We are so excited to help you all transform into your own fairytale dreams! The best part is-it's affordable!!! We can live happily thinner after!

If you would like to get started right away or just want more information, we have got you covered. Call and we can take care of you! Hope to hear from you soon!!

Saturday, April 3, 2010

I cannot believe it is already April.  Where did March go??  As I have spoken with many of you over the last week, I have been so overwhelmed with the greatness that is in each of you.  We all seem to believe for some reason that we really aren't that special but as I listen to each of your stories I am amazed by how wonderful each of you are.  Many of you have overcome some great struggles, helped others when you needed the help more and gone out of your way to make sure that everyone else has what they need.  It is your turn.  Let me repeat that...IT IS YOUR TURN!  It is your turn to take care of you!  I am so glad that you have chosen to embrace the issue of weight and take care of it once and for all.  You can dream a thinner dream and live happily thinner after!  Each day that you make the choice to stick to the plan is another day that you choose to take care of you.  It makes me proud to know you.  The days go by whether we do anything or not.  I'm glad you chose to DO SOMETHING!!  Have a wonderful Easter weekend.  Enjoy YOU and your families!

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